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Start point Agmashenebeli ave 32 Tbilisi
Phone +995 591 21 59 59
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Duration 10 hours
Price 70 GEL
Payments Methods Cash, Visa / mastercard, Bank Transfer


  • Martvili Canyon
    Gachedili’s Canyon is located on the river Abasha. Canyon’s 2400 m. long and - 20–40 m. deep. In the middle of Canyon there is a 12 m high waterfall. Canyon is known for fossilized bones of animals, which lived 75 million years ago, and it makes the canyon the world's third discovery, in which the remains of prehistoric animals was founded.
  • Dadiani Summer Residence in Salkhino
    The palace of Levan Dadiani is located in the village. The palace is located on the river bank. In 1825-1826 there was a simple wooden ode. Despite the poor, living in the residence, the queen of Samegrelo, there lived the widow Anna. Manuchar Dadiani, the owner of Salia Paratini, was in Salhino. Levan V Dadiani (1804-1840) built a two-story stone palace with the advice of Archbishop Archil Batonishvili and Georgy Hegelia. The final face of the building occupied Salome in the time of Murat. As the palace of Zugdidi, the Turks and Greeks built, the leaflets were delivered to the peasants.
  • Okatse canyon
    The canyon is located in the valley of the river Okatse. The length of the river is 14 km, and the width of the canyon is 3-6 meters, in some - 15-20 meters, and the depth - from 20 to 100 meters. The canyon is decorated with waterfalls. One of the lakes, Osobpo, is about 60 meters in length, there are several natural rocks on the Okatse River, one of which is a scarecrow. "There are caves in the canyon from which karst water flows out.In the canyon canyon grow quite large berries. Valley of the valley is covered with forest shrubs. From the village to the east the trail drains down. The width and radius of the canyon does not exceed 4 meters, and the depth is 50 meters.The canyon extends up to 2 kilometers, it is not explored. Under the marsh the depth of the canyon increases and reaches 100 meters, since the bottom of the old valley is somewhat angry. Geologists have found here and put a tectonic lamp on the map, destroying the earth's crust and moving the edges of the hole. It's downstairs. The lower part of the valley is tens of meters in comparison with the middle part.
  • Noqalaqevi
    Noqalaqevi is also the Greek name of archaeopolis (Greek Αρχαιόπολις, literally the city of the city, from which his Georgian name comes from "Nokalakevi" - Nakalakevi), Georgian sources of fortress. Historic fortress town in western Georgia, presently the village Nakalakevi and archaeological area in Senaki municipality, Samegrelo, on the left bank of the river Tekuri. Apparently, Noqalaqevi was located in the mythical city of Aia, from which the Argonauts stole the Golden Fleece.

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